Our commitment to accuracy and transparency

Our approach to AI development

We believe in artificial intelligence that follows the rigorous standards of journalism

Create AI algorithms that deliver verified, accurate, and reliable information and minimize the spread of biased insights.
Develop AI systems that are impartial and consider multiple perspectives so that its content and analysis are always balanced.
Ensure that end-users know when information is machine-generated and create AI processes that are visible to everyone.
Commit to the ongoing refinement of AI systems by incorporating feedback from domain subject experts and other stakeholders.
Ethical Data Collection
Uphold ethical practices in data collection and usage and respect data ownership, user privacy, and all ethical considerations
Encourage journalists, engineers, data scientists, and researchers to work together to shape AI systems that are robust and accurate.
Foster a culture of AI literacy so that our users and partners understand the principles, benefits, and limitations of our AI systems.
Facilitate clear, engaging, and accessible communication through AI so that content is easy to understand without compromising on quality.
Design AI systems that incorporate relevant context when processing information so that outcomes are more meaningful and reliable.
Leverage the expertise of journalists, data scientists, and other domain experts to develop, refine and monitor AI systems.