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Follow across 5 event types that highlight the latest innovations in clinical development, such as new trial registrations, partnership announcements, INDs, and first patients dosed. As new treatments, companies, and drugs enter the space, you’ll be the first to know.

New study

A new study has been registered on However, the registration doesn't imply the trial's commencement. The FDA mandates the registration of clinical trials beyond Phase 1 for drugs and biologic products. Despite this, organizations frequently register voluntarily, driven by motives like recruitment, showcasing pipeline activities, or ensuring transparency in drug development. Notably, many trials are registered post their start date. If registered beforehand, the first patient typically enrolls about five months later.

Trial Registered: Newly Detected Organization

This marks an organization's inaugural registration of a study on as its lead sponsor. Lead sponsors, spanning companies, governmental agencies, and academic institutions, bear the responsibility for the trial's oversight and liaising with the FDA. Remarkably, since 2018, there's an annual average of over 25,200 new trial registrations, with industry-sponsored ones accounting for 22%.

Announcement: Trial Started

An official announcement indicates the onset of a trial, marking the enrollment or dosing of the initial patient. Companies frequently broadcast such updates to demonstrate their progress, reveal investment in innovative programs, or delineate their patient demographics to facilitate enrollment. Such announcements constitute 11% of all clinical press releases tracked by AppliedXL. On average, trial enrollments span 2.3 years, but industry-sponsored trials tend to be swifter, averaging 1.8 years – a notable 22% faster than other organizational types.

Announcement: Collaboration

This announcement heralds a partnership between multiple sponsors for a trial or drug development venture. Collaborative efforts vary, from minimal undertakings like feasibility studies to significant initiatives like joint research or drug commercialization agreements. Collaborative press releases comprise around 8% of clinical announcements monitored by AppliedXL.

Announcement: Investigational New Drug

A sponsor has attained Investigational New Drug (IND) approval, greenlighting them to initiate a clinical trial involving human participants. IND endorsements are pivotal for administering investigational products to humans and transporting interventions interstate. Such announcements might indicate a drug's green light for use in an unregistered clinical program or hint at a novel application. However, IND-related announcements are relatively infrequent, representing under 2% of clinical press releases identified by AppliedXL.

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