Trial Progression

Know the current status and future trajectory of any study through our 8 event variations that cover a trial from beginning to end. Milestones like completing a phase or resuming after a suspension ensure that you’re always kept in the loop.

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The study, once labeled as “Completed”, has resumed. It's vital to consider the trial's nature and any potential changes to its endpoints or patient demographics. Sometimes, this status shift is a pre-planned milestone in dose escalation or long-term extension studies. At other times, the study's endpoints, design, or patient group may change upon its revival. However, occasionally, this could just be a clerical oversight. Notably, under 2% of “Completed” trials are later reactivated.


The study, previously in a “Recruiting”, “Not yet recruiting”, or “Active, not recruiting” state, has now stagnated. Even though its expected completion date has passed, there hasn't been any status verification in the past two years. This is a significant update, often hinting at the trial's potential abandonment. A mere 15% of such dormant studies are revived and finalized.

Trial Resuming

A study that had an early stoppage has recommenced. For previously suspended trials, this is relatively anticipated, likely indicating the resolution of a prior issue. For Withdrawn or Terminated studies, this suggests an unforeseen resolution and possible foundational changes in the trial. Less than 2% of Withdrawn or Terminated studies are revived, while 44% of suspended trials are reactivated.

Status Change

Trial Reactivated: A previously dormant trial has resumed. Trials go dormant when their expected end date elapses without any status verification for over two years. These trials are generally forsaken, but a revival might indicate data entry catch-up or renewed interest in the study's completion. Only 15% of trials in this dormant state get reactivated.

Trial Update

There's been an announcement about changes in a trial’s progression. The nature of these alterations varies, often requiring context. Many times, such updates convey program discontinuation or unfavorable results. Conversely, they might present positive trial advancements, enrollment milestones, or geographic expansion plans. Press releases of this sort constitute just below 5% of those detected by AppliedXL.

Enrollment Update

An update has been announced regarding trial enrollment, encompassing milestones, completion, or enrollment target shifts. These announcements offer insights into a trial's enrollment state and often reflect milestones or patient population updates. Such announcements represent around 3% of all press releases monitored by AppliedXL.

Trial Completed

The trial's status has officially transitioned to “Completed”, indicating its conclusion and the end of participant examinations or treatments. This status update typically follows the real completion date, marking the final patient's last visit. By then, all data, including primary and secondary endpoints and adverse events, have been accumulated. The annual count of completed trials can fluctuate, notably impacted by events like the Covid-19 pandemic. For instance, 2021 witnessed a 62% surge in trial completions from 2020, with industry-sponsored trials consistently making up 27% of the annual completions.

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