Machine intelligence callibrated by human experts

A curated community of subject matter experts guide data exploration, train algorithms, and ensure quality of information in specialized industries.

Data sourcing

Trustworthy data is ingested from diverse sources across specialized fields. Data is processed, cleaned and normalized for initial vetting by experts.

Information Processing

Curated network of experts provides input to improve accuracy of data. Humans in the loop provide context by using Applied XL’s data annotation and feedback tools.

Knowledge surfacing

Expert feedback is combined with new data to power real-time streams that offer context and depth. Experts advance knowledge and are recognized based on their contribution.

Applied XL brings together domain experts in the fields of healthcare, science, economics and journalism to find ground truth.

Experts are considered on their merit and contribution to specialized fields related to the health of people places and planet. Every effort is made to encourage nominations that contribute to the diversity of the expert network.

Advancing knowledge in a specialized field?