Artificial intelligence developed with journalistic standards

We blend machine learning with editorial workflows, allowing AI editors to dynamically fine-tune output for accuracy.
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Biotech language model

Data interpretation that’s clear and meaningful

Real-time data
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Detect key clinical trial events, identify trends, and spot outliers from data as soon as it becomes available and go from analysis to action in a fraction of the time.

High Accuracy
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AXL-1 is specifically trained and fine-tuned using proprietary event data, and clinical trials data interpretations. This specialized approach, coupled with data annotations by journalists, significantly enhances the model's accuracy.

Transparency & Sourcing
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AXL-1 can directly source data from the origin and provide citations for the clinical trials mentioned and other data retrieved, enhancing transparency, reliability and trust.

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We combine the integrity of journalism with the power and speed of artificial intelligence

Our AI principles

Technological pillars

Fusing Journalism and Technology: Calculating the News with Expertise and Precision

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Computational Journalism
Uncover and present the human context behind data while emphasizing the importance of responsible data handling, privacy protection, and ethical considerations.
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Editorial Algorithms
Combine the high standards of a newsroom with the scale of a tech platform to gather accurate, comprehensive data that’s customized to your therapeutic area.
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The world is a vast but finite mosaic of repeatable events. By tracking the signals that previously led to a specific occurrence, it is possible to anticipate the news.