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Competitive Intelligence
Keep track of competitor trials, timelines, and roadblocks in real-time and create go-to-market plans that are agile, informed, and set up to succeed.
Quickly get up to speed on the biotech landscape with data that are organized and tailored for you. Invest in promising areas and be confident that your approach is the right one.
Business Development
Forge lasting partnerships with industry sponsors, research institutions, and CROs who will accelerate your drug’s journey to market and support you in current and future therapeutic endeavors.
Clinical Operations
Even a small disruption can cost millions. Automated monitoring lets you catch trial updates (or setbacks) before they go public. Adjust design, enrollment, sites and R&D and avoid costly delays.
Comms & Investor Relations
Build trust with your team, investors, and the market with press releases and presentations that always have the latest, most relevant info.
Investment Research
Uncover under-the-radar drugs and therapies and find the next big opportunity before anyone else.

Join the most innovative biotech companies and speed up your clinical intelligence

“We currently use AlphaSense, Informa, Cortellis, Pharma Projects, Biomedtracker, TrialTrove, newsletters, manual monitoring of competitors earnings calls, but none of them give us an effective way to receive alerts of meaningful changes like STAT Trials Pulse.”
Director, Competitive Intelligence
Fortune 500 Pharma Company
"The landscape table is very useful because it adds more than just a pipeline picture in their website or a list in a market intel tool (like GlobalData). I can quickly see the pipeline, the trials’ path, and if they encountered challenges on the way.”
Strategy Manager
Series A Biotech Company
“It allows us to stay on top of clinical trials while understanding what is driving various shifts so we can prepare our next moves.”
Analyst, Biopharma
$25B AUM Hedge Fund
"We can see what companies are having issues with their trials and proactively reach out to prospective clients.”
Business Operations Lead
Global CRO
“The platform is a clear value-add above over tools we’ve tried is that it’s able to surface historical changes in an effective way. With other tools, we still have a ton of manual digging to be able to triangulate the data they have with how a program has run so far or what has already happened in space.”
Associate Director, Strategic Planning
Fortune 500 Pharma Company