Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead with 24/7 competitive insights

Be the first to know. With STAT Trials Pulse, gain a strategic edge by filtering out the noise and zooming in on what matters most, giving you real-time actionable competitor insights.

Keep track of competitor trials, timelines, and roadblocks in real-time and create go-to-market plans that are agile, informed, and set up to succeed.

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All in One Place

From competitors' pipelines and clinical trials to  regulatory updates, get all the information you need seamlessly integrated from trusted sources

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In-depth Analysis with Context

Dive deeper than just surface data. Our proprietary analytics, combined with journalistic insights, decode the strategy behind competitors' moves, helping you anticipate their next steps.

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Proactive Alerting

Time is of the essence. Receive tailored alerts on pivotal events, potential threats, and opportunities, ensuring your team is equipped to act swiftly and strategically.

Join data-driven biopharma innovators and speed up your clinical intelligence

"Each of our team members is saving an average of 5 hours per week on clinical intelligence research. It's allowing us to be much more proactive in engaging and informing our internal stakeholders acorss therapeutic areas."

Director of Competitive Intelligence, Large Pharmaceutical Company

“The platform alerts us to setbacks in our competitors’ trials. This has allowed us to proactively engage with investors, underscore our program's distinct advantages, and how we avoid drug efficacy challenges others faced."

VP Investor Relations, Oncology Biotech

There’s a faster way to manage your clinical intelligence.