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STAT Trials Pulse dynamically aggregates data from, scientific papers, and press releases in one place. Life sciences professionals use our platform to understand the early signals that others may miss.

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What if you could be the first to see important signals before they become news?

We have partnered with STAT News to turn journalistic insight into a platform that surfaces the most important information while deprioritizing noise. Think, the immediacy of Twitter with the context of a newsroom.

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"Making information on clinical trials public was a giant step forward for medicine, but it's easy for those of us trying to keep track of the science to get lost in a fog of extraneous detail. STAT Trials Pulse provides a new way to find and track changes in the studies that matter to you."

Matt Herper STAT News

Matt Herper,

"STAT Trials Pulse gathers vital information and context on clinical trials far more efficiently than I can do myself — and the algorithm’s ability to surface otherwise invisible trends is truly remarkable."

Kate Sheridan STAT News

Kate Sheridan, STAT News

“What is STAT Trials Pulse? It's the government's clinical trials database beefed up with the flexible search capabilities, AI-boosted tracking tools and intelligent alert systems that you've always wanted. STAT Trials Pulse is an essential platform for anyone who needs to find, track and analyze clinical trials.”

Adam Feuerstein

Adam Feuerstein, STAT News

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1.5 million changes have occurred in the clinical trials space this year. Only 8% of them were relevant events.  

Curated experience

Curated user experience

Build dynamic, tailored feeds to monitor the specific conditions, interventions, and organizations that matter most to you – categorized and ranked by proprietary data points.

Biotech and pharma trends

Insights into the trends ahead

Keep an eye on the entire clinical trials landscape by identifying similar studies, trending topics, emerging new research activities, potential disruptions to clinical pipelines, and regulatory roadblocks.

Smart alerts

Create feeds and follow trials to activate smart alerts that notify you of state changes, key milestones, and any deviations to the expected trajectory, along with explanatory context.

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Personalized digest delivered to your inbox. Select daily or weekly recap emails to receive the latest updates in your corner of the clinical trial landscape.

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Removing the manual work to speed up your decisions in clinical development, partnerships, investments, regulatory strategy, and competitive positioning.



We monitor changes within updates from, scientific journals and press releases.

Editorial Algorithms


Our algorithms, informed by the perspective of STAT journalists, detect noteworthy shifts in clinical trials data and de-prioritize noise.

surface trends


Trials Pulse surfaces the most important state changes and generates alerts of broader trends.