Accelerating Biotech Innovation with AI-Powered Early Risk Detection and Clinical Intelligence

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August 2, 2023
Accelerating Biotech Innovation with AI-Powered Early Risk Detection and Clinical Intelligence

Between 2010 and 2019, the FDA approved 60% more drugs than in the previous decade, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Yet  with great innovation comes great information—so much information in fact, that it has become impossible to sort through it all manually. By the time you’ve found the needle, the haystack has gotten bigger and there’s another, more relevant needle you need to find.Keeping up with the industry consumes valuable time that biotech teams simply do not have.

At AppliedXL, we acknowledge the value of information—especially the right information—not only to keep pace with the industry but also to stay ahead of it. We are excited to unveil our enhanced clinical intelligence platform, STAT Trials Pulse. This tool is designed to counter information overload and transform the way you access and comprehend clinical trials data.

Utilizing proprietary data to identify early risk indicators before they become news

Our platform combines editorial algorithms with specialized machine-learning to extract signals from clinical trial registries, scientific papers, and press releases. Our coverage spans 22,000 organizations, 26,000 interventions, and 5,800 diseases, highlighting vital clinical trial events and risk signals across over 90 categories, thereby generating millions of proprietary data points related to clinical trial events.

To build the system, we worked with biotech journalists to chart all possible "paths" a clinical trial can follow from its inception to its completion, enabling us to distinguish between "expected" and "irregular" trajectories. Upon detecting an anomaly, we issue an alert, which often emerges months before a public announcement by a biotech or pharmaceutical company.

STAT Trials Pulse has already proven invaluable to some of the world's most innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Based on client reports, our platform eliminates wasted time and saves each team member a minimum of five hours per week compared to their previous workflow.

Conduct clinical intelligence with speed, clarity, and precision

STAT Trials Pulse focuses on three key areas:

  1. Automation: Filter out irrelevant and outdated data with AI that runs 24/7.
  2. Contextual Insights: Always get the full context behind every change. 
  3. Early Risk Detection: Catch red flags months before they become a problem.

Automation: Instantly sift out irrelevant and obsolete data

Our machine learning models are crafted to streamline and automate clinical trial intelligence and landscape analysis, while also providing context. STAT Trials Pulse continually monitors various data sources, delivering real-time updates on trials, drug risks, and competitor activities.

Contextual Insights: Know when something happens — and why it happened

Instead of ambiguous email alerts that provide little explanation, you always receive the full context behind any change. Once data is collected, our system organizes it into an easily comprehensible Trial Matrix format, giving a comprehensive yet straightforward overview of your trials. If a trial is stagnating or encountering hurdles, you'll understand why.

Early Risk Detection: Catch red flags months in advance

The AI event detection system of STAT Trials Pulse is trained to spot significant issues in drug development that might otherwise go unnoticed, such as delays, unexpected interruptions, and shifts in patient population. By understanding the shortcomings of similar studies, you can avoid disruptions and optimize your own strategy.

We are excited to pioneer this transformation with STAT Trials Pulse. By leveraging the power of machine learning, we are reinventing the process of clinical intelligence, delivering unrivaled speed without compromising data integrity. We believe that by merging the high standards of biotech journalism with the speed of artificial intelligence, biotech teams can become more agile, innovative, and improve the health of millions worldwide. Biotech is advancing too quickly for clinical intelligence to lag behind. Join us in reshaping the future of biotech.

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