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Misguided decisions. Revenue lost. A sea of untapped information can sink your business.

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percentage of the world’s data volume is being generated by the healthcare & life sciences industry

Sources: Arcadia, RBC

Only a small fraction of that data is used in key decision-making

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Biotech, Pharma and Life Sciences
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Introducing Information as a
Business Advantage.

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How much is a single alert worth? $100,000? $1,000,000? More?

AppliedXL deploys AI agents to gather, sift and sort data, reducing yottabytes of dross to a sentence or two of useful information. Alerts and analysis, that inform major corporations - Fortune 500 pharma companies and billion dollar hedge funds - of what’s happening before it actually happens.

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Active Intelligence

A synthesizer of information that doesn't just open up the floodgates. It gives you what you need before its available to anyone else. It's like having 100 investigative journalists working for you. Full-time. Around-the-clock.

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The information advantage. Now available to all who take advantage of it.

The Pre-news API offers early risk briefings, recaps, and round-ups for clinical trials across all organizations, drugs, and diseases.

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