Information Intelligence

Applied XL uses machine learning and computational journalism methods to reveal hidden signals in public data before they become news.

We connect disparate sources of data to unveil unexpected connections that transform partial perspectives into complete understanding.

Our mission is to anticipate disruptions to the health of people, places and planet.

In the next decade, society will face extraordinary challenges — from the increasing probability of global pandemics to crumbling infrastructure and the effects of climate change. The disruptions to come call for an urgent reinvention of how information is sourced, because data-driven knowledge will play a vital role in finding solutions from a place of shared “ground truth.”




STAT Trials Pulse Feed View

We are starting with health of people by tracking new treatments, ways of preventing and diagnosing diseases.  

Through a strategic partnership with STAT News, the nation’s must-read medicine and biotech publication, we are launching our first vertical. Trials Pulse enables life sciences professionals to navigate the most important updates happening in the clinical trials space.

Algorithms that evaluate the noteworthiness of events based on weights, parameters and context defined by experts.

Domain Knowledge

Developing algorithms that replicate the research approach of journalists and expert sources to identify noteworthy events.

Editorial perspective

Bringing journalistic transparency to machine learning so models can be explainable.

Human in the loop

Refining algorithmic accuracy through an expert network that guarantees continuous improvement of event detection.

We believe in holding  data to a higher standard, representing information with focus and clarity, while finding meaning with human context.

Our work relies on journalistic rigor with computational speed to be able to generate reliable information that helps leaders make critical descisions.

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