Automatically analyze thousands of clinical data points

Use AI to monitor clinical data from across the web and package it into clear and easy-to-share insights without any manual analysis.


Sort data without pouring over multiple tabs

Watchlists and reports automatically collate data for you

Email briefings so you don’t need to be in the tool everyday

Drug and disease names sync as they change to avoid confusion


Catch red flags months in advance

Predictive trial tracking automatically detects setbacks

AI alerts you of potential delays before they become public news

Clean interface makes it easy to assess drug risks at any phase

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Get a deeper understanding of the clinical landscape

Data updates in real-time so you always have the latest info

Track 90+ events built in partnership with biotech journalists

Access trial milestones and attributes not found anywhere else

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All the clinical insights you need, ready to go

Automatically summarize data from hundreds of clinical sources

AI handles tedious tasks like data formatting and validation

Share critical changes in the clinical landscape straightaway

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A screenshot of the AppliedXL software.

Why biopharma teams choose AppliedXL

Automated Analysis at a Fraction of the Cost

We distill crucial info into briefs you can share with anyone to get up to speed quickly without paying extra.

Hours of Manual Sorting— Eliminated

We are the only tool that organizes clinical data for you so you can focus your time on moving trials forward.

AI Grounded in Journalism

Our algorithms follow rigorous editorial standards to deliver speed without compromising data integrity.

Data Not Found Anywhere Else

We go deeper and track nearly 100 types of events specifically designed for clinical trial monitoring.

What makes our AI different?

AppliedXL is built by journalists who know first-hand the  importance of getting sound data. That’s why our algorithm follows the same rigorous standards as journalism to deliver unprecedented speed without compromising data integrity.

By prioritizing ethical processes in artificial intelligence, biotech and pharma teams get credible data faster so they can create reliable clinical treatments for millions of people around the world.

There’s a faster way to manage your clinical intelligence.