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Tracking the health of people, places, and planet.

Applied XL takes pioneering methods from computational journalism and translates them into information products that reveal ground truth from disparate and often conflicting datasets.Ā 

Redefining growth where economic gains depend on the health of people, places and planet.

People: mapping human health

PlaceS: shaping local economies

PLaneT: navigating sustainability

Information products grounded in context, explainability, and expert validation:

Combining trustworthy datasets to reveal surprising insights

Calibrating algorithms through vetted expert networks to ensure unbiased results

Deploying smart products to enable searching, ranking, alerting and reporting




Building information products with visionary leaders to drive predictive insights and growth

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We are computational journalists, economists, engineers, infectious diseases specialists, and data scientists obsessed with the health of people, places and planet as drivers of growth.

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