AppliedXL Collaborates with Bloomberg to Provide AI-Powered, Real-Time Pharma News on the Bloomberg Terminal

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May 2, 2024
AppliedXL Collaborates with Bloomberg to Provide AI-Powered, Real-Time Pharma News on the Bloomberg Terminal

(New York, NY) May 2, 2024 –Today, AppliedXL announced a new collaboration with Bloomberg to deliver all Bloomberg Terminal users with key insights to help them get ahead of catalyst events in the pharmaceutical industry. AppliedXL’s AI technology analyzes live public data to uncover signals and niche trends, distilling it into early news stories that Bloomberg will include in real-time news feeds used for early signal detection and market analysis. 

The first real-time news vertical that AppliedXL will make available on the Bloomberg Terminal covers the life sciences and biopharma space, encompassing public and private biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Bloomberg Terminal users will be alerted to irregularities in clinical trial progressions and other events that may move the market. In tandem, they’ll get real-time analysis of how those occurrences impact the individual company as well as related companies and markets, creating a more efficient workflow. 

AppliedXL’s artificial intelligence traces digital breadcrumbs and recognizes patterns from past events to create templates, apply them to what’s happening in real-time, and anticipate likely outcomes. Because these information blueprints vary from one coverage area to another, AppliedXL’s algorithms are meticulously tailored for specific verticals. They’re developed and audited in collaboration with journalists who use their domain expertise to review data, help develop interpretations, and validate the quality of the output during the AI training process. Further, the AI technology runs an automatic fact-checking process to help decipher accurate information.

“There’s no artificial intelligence without human wisdom. We use machines to understand the patterns in data but we need humans to understand the contexts that influence them,” said Francesco Marconi, Co-Founder & CEO of AppliedXL. “We’re excited to empower Bloomberg Terminal users with AppliedXL’s well-formulated, real-time news briefings that help them get ahead of the curve.”

AppliedXL focuses on surfacing and distilling the highest quality of information rather than presenting users with an overwhelmingly comprehensive download. This saves precious time for investors looking to stay ahead of market-moving events and decision makers at companies working to lead proactively. 

AppliedXL’s real-time news briefings for biopharma assess over 7,000 daily updates to clinical trials and generate 60-80 stories covering the most noteworthy events every day. From the vast reams of data emitted by nearly 100 categories of both domestic and international industry-sponsored interventional clinical trials, AppliedXL identifies the news signals that are likely to indicate catalyst events. The human-tailored, machine-learning models output precise, contextualized information and analysis that enables journalists to develop news quickly, investors to act early, and decision makers at companies to lead proactively.

To learn more about how your organization could benefit from AppliedXL’s real-time news briefings, contact us.

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