Automating Clinical Intelligence: How AI Provides Predictive Insights to Biotech Teams

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November 22, 2023
Automating Clinical Intelligence: How AI Provides Predictive Insights to Biotech Teams

Current clinical intelligence is slow

Biotech and pharma teams spend an astonishing 75% of their time doing time-consuming and expensive tasks for clinical research:

  • Refreshing web pages dozens of times a day
  • Sorting through vast, unstructured data
  • Assigning senior directors to do additional research to get context behind trial delays and regulatory updates
  • Spending huge chunks of budget on CROs, consulting agencies, and reports

While these methods give valuable insights, the overlooked reality is that collecting these insights takes too much time and money. Yet the industry has operated this way for decades simply because it is familiar. Current clinical intelligence is further mired by the fact that there are 7,000 trial updates, based on AppliedXL data, every single day and current tools can’t keep up. They focus on giving teams swaths of data but aren’t designed to sort through and verify them. Manually doing so is tedious and makes the risk for human error and bias high, leading to even more data degradation.

We know that there’s a faster, more proactive way to run clinical research—because we’re building it. Most trials that are prematurely halted often exhibit early risk signals and disruptions months in advance. We can identify and present these signals to you before they become news, allowing you to understand the roadblocks others may face and mitigate the risk of them occurring in your case.

Automation, real-time data, and data integrity with AppliedXL

AppliedXL is leading the overdue change in clinical research by offering what conventional tools don’t:

  • Automating manual tasks so teams can use their time more wisely
  • Information that’s always up-to-date and relevant to a company’s therapeutic area
  • Data that follows the rigorous standards of journalism to ensure its integrity

We’ve also designed AppliedXL to complement current workflows of companies like Eli Lilly, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Xencor and others.This way, biotech and pharma teams can add on to what they already have to get the complete picture of the clinical landscape with faster, reliable, and exclusive data. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Automating clinical research and analysis with AI

  • Applied uses AI to do the manual tasks that make clinical research tedious and error-prone. It scans clinical databases, scientific journal publications and company press releases and sorts info into watchlists and reports tailored to your therapeutic area. Instead of trying to make sense of disjointed data on your own, you now have everything organized for you.
  • Our AI then goes one step further. Not only does it organize the data, it pulls out the key insights for each category of interest (e.g. competitive landscape or trial phases) and packages them into a report that you can instantly share with colleagues, leadership, and investors. No more 10-page briefings that are anything but brief, and no more headaches from manually formatting and checking everything. With automation, biotech and pharma teams can focus their time on what matters—running a successful clinical trial.

Real time data you can’t get anywhere else

  • AppliedXL's AI runs 24/7, which of course, no human can (or should!) do. This unique characteristic allows the model to catch important clinical trial specific updates as soon as they happen and more importantly, alert you about them. It also tracks nearly one 100 clinical trial events exclusive to the platform, so you can go deeper on what is happening at any given time.
  • Imagine that you’re tracking a phase III trial for Alzheimer’s by and patient enrollment is significantly higher than expected or there's a siginficant delay. With AppliedXL, you’ll get pinged in the tool as well as get an email straight away. Without these alerts, you’d maybe hear about the low enrollment months later in the news, long after your trial plan had launched. But now, you can investigate whether this country is the right geo to run your trial in and save potentially millions of dollars by preventing a faulty trial.

AI grounded in transparent principles

  • AppliedXL is built by computational journalists and biotech experts who have experienced firsthand the challenges of getting trustworthy data. That’s why accuracy and transparency are core values of our machine learning model. We are proud to have an AI that follows the same rigorous standards of journalism to deliver unprecedented speed without compromising data integrity.
  • As artificial intelligence expands and reshapes the biotech world, we are constantly iterating to ensure data reliability. Our AI relies on a continuous feedback loop with human editors who follow strict journalistic codes to check for redundancy, tone, and more. And anyone who uses AppliedXL can track the origins of a data point and how it’s moved through different sources to get a clearer picture of what it means in its current context. By making sure that data is always transparent and correct, biotech and pharma teams can make more confident decisions for their drug development and investment plans.

Cutting-edge therapeutics requires cutting-edge data

The FDA approved 60 percent more drugs in the last decade and shows no sign of slowing down. It is time for our clinical intelligence to move faster as well. With artificial intelligence and a relentless commitment to integrity, AppliedXL is bridging the gap to help biotech and pharma teams get clear, credible data quickly and create innovative treatments to millions of people around the world.

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