Introducing AppliedXL’s AI Brand: Elevating Speed & Transparency in Computational Journalism Through Design

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August 14, 2023
Introducing AppliedXL’s AI Brand: Elevating Speed & Transparency in Computational Journalism Through Design

At AppliedXL, we believe that information drives innovation; so it was important to have a brand that reflects our roots in engineering and computational journalism, an emerging discipline that blends the scale and speed of artificial intelligence with the principles of transparency, ethics, and contextual understanding found in newsrooms.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil AppliedXL's new look that does exactly that. Our efforts proudly reflect our dedication to upholding these principles as we embark on our mission to generate real-time, trustworthy information and revolutionize the way biotech and life sciences teams make decisions and move crucial patient treatments forward.

To bring this vision to life, we partnered with ChannelStudio, a renowned design agency known for their work with global icons like The New York Times and Google. Together, we've crafted a design that perfectly captures our identity and aligns with our computational journalism ethos.

Our Logo: Combining Technology and Editorial Prowess

Our new logo embodies our 'Human in the Loop' approach to developing AI systems, where we seamlessly marry computational journalism and technical expertise with the right amount of human/editorial intervention. Geometric lines symbolize our unwavering focus on tech innovation, while the 'X' incorporates a unique movable type effect—a nod to our journalistic background.

It is deliberately utilitarian to showcase that the true power of our platform lies not in superficial flashiness but in the sound, strategic decisions it empowers biotech teams to make.

Color Palette: Down to Earth and Focus

Our color choices echo our commitment to mitigate information overload and cut through the noise. Calm, "down-to-earth" pastel colors reduce distractions and emphasize the clarity and more importantly—the confidence— that we offer to biotech teams in need of relevant, organized data. A touch of "directional colors" including red, green and blue and help our users quickly identify whether any particular insight is negative, positive or neutral. It is not just about aesthetics; it is about championing transparency, simplifying the user experience, and enabling cutting-edge therapies to get to market faster.

Font: Clear and Comfortable

‘Inter’ is now our primary typeface. Optimized for computer screens, Inter features a tall x-height, which makes mixed-case and lower-case text easier to read. With this change, we can deliver straightforward, jargon-free content that biotech teams everywhere can understand. We use Austin News Deck for headlines, once again referencing our journalistic roots.

Our new design is more than a makeover–it’s an emblem of our mission to untangle and reorganize clinical intelligence through the power and speed of machine learning. We are proud to be a part of your clinical decision-making and will continue to make it more straightforward, engaging, and effective.

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