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AppliedXL spots early-risk indicators in clinical trials data and decodes them so you can make decisions proactively, not reactively.

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Daily updates to Clinical Trials
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In a world of noise, signal.

Only a small fraction of changes in clinical trials data matter. We find it for you. Fast. Before anyone else finds it.

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When you see first, you know first, and can act first.

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"Strategy & CI: Bring Drugs to Market"
"Clinical Operations: Enroll Faster"
"Comms & IR: Gain Investor Trust"
"Investment Research: Anticipate Failures"
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AppliedXL uses AI agents to transform clinical trials data accessible to everyone into exclusive intelligence not available to anyone else. The information advantage for the information age.

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In-depth reports—the sort that were once limited to major pharma companies. Without months of analysis, you'll see patterns that will allow you to spot new developments in real time.

Anomaly Detection
Contextual Push System
Proprietary Event Data
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the power of knowing before others.
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Alerts that anticipate future events in drug development with accuracy—much like the way a Doppler radar can foresee a tornado based on a predictive set of preconditions.

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The best way to get better information faster. The AppliedXL pre-news API allows you to programmatically ingest and distribute our real-time briefs.

  • Real-time Briefs
  • Contextual Data Releases
  • Therapeutic Landscape
  • Event Round-ups
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Trend Alerts
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